Enterprise Java development on a budget : leveraging Java open source technologies

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We use cookies to improve user experience and for analytics. You can read more in our privacy policy. Integration TouK implements and upgrades system integration software of all levels of complexity. Event Stream Processing We provide event-stream processing and decision-making solutions capable of high throughput and low latency. Databases We have the necessary skills to tackle petabytes of data, enabling you to turn data into business insights.

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Enterprise applications From SMBs to corporations, custom enterprise applications require a skilled software project team. IT reorganisation Do you want to replace legacy software but business continuity disruptions restrain you from the big decision? Project rescue squad Faulty legacy systems, unhelpful software providers, fluctuating business concepts, changing legal regulations — crisis can happen when you least expect it. Planning your project Your idea, limits and budget Would you like to solve a business problem with a custom software solution?

Research and proof of concept Together, we will walk through your assumptions and present our solution as an outcome of the process.

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Software development Business requirements change faster than most ISVs can withstand. Artur Sawicki. Adrian Soja. Mariusz Piech. Filip Majewski. Bartek Zdanowski. Piotr Jagielski. Anna Kasperek. Jan Gajl. Bartek Tartanus. Krzysztof Nozderko. Arek Burdach. Kuba Cichanowicz.

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Maciej Respondek. Krzysiek Przygudzki. Ula Trzaskowska.

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Radek Michalski. Katarzyna Machowina. Marcin Stelmaszczyk. Ewa Wojtach. Dominik Przybysz. Krzysiek Gadomski. Ilona Netczuk.

Piotr Fus. Piotr Przybylski. Workshops We promote self-development and knowledge sharing by organizing internal workshops. Culture TouK is a place for hungry minds who are excited about learning new things. Browse Jobs We welcome people who value good code and are eager to seek the best solutions for their projects. The authors also present a realistic example application that covers most areas of enterprise application development. Not only will you learn how to use each individual tool, but you'll also understand how to use them in synergy to create robust enterprise Java applications within your budget.

Enterprise Java Development on a Budget combines coverage of best practices with information on the right open source Java tools and technologies, all of which will help support your Java development budget and goals. Judd Brian Sam-Bodden is an author, instructor, speaker and avid open source contributor that has spent most of his life crafting software. He is a frequent speaker at user groups and conferences nationally and abroad. Produktdetails , Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. Sie sind aus Deutschland? All Products. ZK Studio. ZK IntelliJ Plugin. Get Started. Build your 1st ZK App.

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Why ZK EE. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Powered by. Profinit is the second largest provider of custom application development in Czech. We compared these JSF, Vaadin and Zkoss frameworks using ten criteria such as security, integration with Spring… Zkoss was the best fit for our requirements. For Ness Technologies, ZK Spreadsheet serves as the perfect base for their Statistics and Reporting Portal, as it provides a unified, universal, safe and customizable method for reporting data processing.

Ness Technologies is a global partner in the field of business processes and technologies, specializing in software products and applications development, system integration, consulting and software distribution. ZK Framework's many fine-tuned components and well-documented interface make it possible for us to modify and expand its functionality.

ZK Spreadsheet offers nearly all the functionalities we need. The stability of the solution and the support technical and commercial from the Team has given me the confidence to use and reuse ZK. Thanks to the speed in which interfaces can be developed, I even thought of using ZK to produce the models used for the specifications! We are impressed by the seamless user experience, rapid development and ease of deployment that ZK brings " None of other systems in the marketwere able to provide these features.

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With ZK, we are able to develop web-base rich client system without any investment on training and staff development. Server-centric architecture allows fast development. For us ZK was felt like the correct choice and after over one year of developing, we know we made the right choice! GWT was really nice but none of the developers liked it as much as ZK.

ZK Charts Offers countless design commands in Java and enabling the implementation of JavaScript Code to directly modify the underlying Highcharts settings. ZK Charts allows our developers to handle complex design requirements Now, the AMR chart has unprecedented resolution and design.

Empowered by ZK's simplicity and efficiency, Medexter Healthcare succeeds in building two complex front-end web projects for developing high-tech software solutions. ZK allows fast front-end development. ZK made our eStore responsive in 4 weeks well under our budget!

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  8. ZK support team was a great asset and integral part of our team. ZK empowered Noumea TownHall to provide fast and user-friendly public services. Noumea TownHall is a public organization that provides free services to their citizens in New Caledonia. With ZK we can do everything on the Java side, easy to code and debug. ZK's MVC enabled Telesoft Consulting to overcome the challenges of implementing complex business logic and representing vast quantities of reference and transaction data whilst maintaining stable performance of the system. Telesoft Consulting is established as a leading European company dedicated in developing first class software and services for communication service providers CSPs.