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In this specialisation you'll focus on the local level of sustainable transformations, in particular the development of sustainable cities and regions. You'll analyse and reflect on sustainable futures, measures and instruments.

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When your education background does not grant you direct admission to the Master's programme in Environment and Society Studies, you can, in some cases, enrol in a pre-Master's programme. Master's programme in Environment and Society Studies.

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Corporate Sustainability. Read more about this specialisation. Research foci include environmental ethics and aesthetics, as well as ecological integrity, stability, change and sustainability, as illumined at the intersection of culture and nature. NIES works actively with leading humanities-focused environmental studies associations and research environments to foster theoretical advancement and to build capacity in interdisciplinary humanistic environmental studies and is a charter member of the European Environmental Humanities Alliance.

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  • Find out more about NIES-organized symposia, workshops and intensive researcher training courses here. Among his areas of expertise, Pratt has published extensively on French and international cinema, literature and culture.

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    He was a post-doctoral fellow at Oxford University until , after which he moved back to the Netherlands to become a Royal Netherlands Academy for Arts and Sciences fellow. His research areas have been broad, including evolution in the primordial soup, the dynamics of infectious diseases, the evolution of cooperative behaviour and the consequences of spatial self-organisation and collective behaviour.

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    She is a cultural anthropologist specialised in Pacific Studies. Her research interests include contemporary indigenous art, economic anthropology and visual anthropology.

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    As a lecturer, Marianne has taught Bachelor' and Master's students about a range of subjects, notably academic writing and research methods within the social sciences. He is also an adjunct associate professor at the Psychology Institute of the University of Amsterdam, and a member of the research priority program Brain and Cognition.

    Sennay studied Information Systems at the University of Amsterdam. He received his PhD from the same University in in medical image analysis and retrieval. Subsequently, he worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam, the Netherlands , where his research interest gradually shifted from medical imaging to cognitive vision in psychology.

    store.orcanation.org/143.php In , he returned to the University of Amsterdam with the goal of bridging research between computer vision and human vision.