Juice Fasting and Detoxification: Use the Healing Power of Fresh Juice to Feel Young and Look Great

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They should not add fruits or vegetables until the second or third day.

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These diets are based on the belief that raw foods have higher nutrient value and contain enzymes that assist digestion, allowing the other enzymes in the body to regulate other biological processes. Raw foodists also believe raw foods prevent obesity by lowering excessive food consumption, and their high fiber content helps detoxify the body by speeding up digestion and elimination.

In a juice fast, the dieter is instructed to drink between 32 and 64 oz. Although some modified juice fasts allow a small quantity of steamed vegetables, most are short-term liquid diets. Some therapists recommend one or more cups of herbal tea each day in addition to the juice and water. The juice must be fresh, obtained from organic fruits and vegetables processed through a juicer or juice extractor. Prepackaged juices cannot be used for a juice fast because they have been pasteurized. In addition, fresh juice must be consumed within a half hour of extraction; it cannot be refrigerated.

Mono diets are detox diets in which the dieter consumes only one food, usually apples, grapes, or some other fruit or vegetable, or one liquid, for a period of 10 to 14 days. The oldest mono diet is the so-called Miracle Grape Cure, attributed to Johanna Brandt, a woman from South Africa who claimed that eating grapes cured her of stomach cancer.

In a book she published in , Brandt stated that she alternated 12 hours of drinking only natural unchlorinated water with 12 hours of eating only purple grapes or drinking grape juice made from purple grapes.

Recent modifications of this diet recommend following Brandt's plan to the letter for five weeks, followed by one week of a raw-food vegetarian diet. The best-known mono diet is variously known as the Master Cleanser, lemonade diet, or maple syrup diet. Stanley Burroughs is generally credited with inventing this diet in , although he did not publish it in book form until His book, which is only about fifty pages long, is still in print even though Burroughs died in The Master Cleanser involves drinking a mixture of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and grade B maple syrup for a period of 10 to 14 days.

Less stringent detox diets that allow some protein foods have been published; a typical example is the following diet plan for a week-long detox regimen by Elson Haas. Haas begins with general guidelines for the dieter:. An important part of many detoxification diets is the use of laxatives or enemas to cleanse the lower digestive tract. The removal of wastes is considered essential to prevent toxins in the intestines from being reabsorbed into the bloodstream.

Some alternative therapists recommend mixtures of slippery elm or other herbs to cleanse the colon; others prefer saltwater laxatives, enemas, or colonics for cleansing the bowel. A colonic is a procedure in which a large amount of water, sometimes as much as 20 gal 76 L , is infused into the colon through the rectum a few pints at a time.

It differs from an enema in that much more fluid is used; and a colonic is infused into the colon, whereas an enema infuses water or a cleansing solution into the rectum only. Mainstream physicians do not recommend colonics on the grounds that they are unnecessary, based on a nineteenth-century misunderstanding of the process of digestion, and very often uncomfortable for the patient.

In some cases they pose serious risks to health. Some therapists recommend the use of such dietary supplements as multivitamins, vitamin C, choline and methionine, milk thistle, or a laxative tea known as Smooth Move during a detox diet. These supplements are supposed to aid liver function and decrease such side effects of detox diets as headaches and nausea. Many advocates of detox diets suggest the use of meditation, affirmations, yoga, and other spiritual practices in order to improve the mental and emotional wellbeing.

Others recommend undertaking the detox diet at a health spa, where such services as massage therapy, sauna baths, and whirlpool therapy or other forms of hydrotherapy are available. The primary function of detoxification diets is physical purification—removal of toxic substances from the body including the skin and respiratory system as well as the digestive tract—in order to raise energy levels; relieve such minor health complaints as poor skin, bad breath, or headaches; and improve the body's ability to heal from various diseases.

These diets are not primarily intended as weight reduction regimens. Some people undertake detoxification diets as part of a general religious or spiritual retreat. The first stage of Ayurvedic pancha karma includes extra time given to meditation and nature walks as well as gradual exclusion of stimulants and solid foods from the diet. Many people also report relief from insomnia or other symptoms of emotional stress as a side benefit of detoxification diets. Detoxification diets are sometimes recommended for the treatment of specific diseases and disorders, most commonly arthritis, autoimmune disorders, and depression, but they have also been claimed to be an effective treatment for severe infections including AIDS and cancer.

However, there is insufficient evidence to support such claims. Claimed benefits of detox diets include higher energy levels, increased mental clarity and ability to concentrate, clearer skin, improved digestion, and more restful sleep. Many of these improvements may simply be due to better hydration as such diets encourage high fluid intake. Some people also lose weight on detox diets, but emphasize that weight reduction should never be the primary purpose of following one of these regimens. In general, anyone considering a detoxification diet should consult a health professional beforehand.

Some serious diseases, including cancer, may have minor symptoms at onset, including headaches, low back pain, and fatigue. These symptoms can easily be misattributed to stress or poor eating habits. Some therapists recommend requesting blood, urine, stool, and liver function tests from a physician before undergoing a detoxification diet.

Individuals who should not undertake a detoxification diet are:. Prescription medications should be taken as usual during a detoxification diet. The dieter should not discontinue medications or reduce dosages without consulting a physician. Anyone on a detoxification diet who feels faint or dizzy, develops an abnormal heart rhythm, feels nauseated or vomits, or has signs of low blood pressure should discontinue the fast and consult their doctor at once.

Detox diets may encourage yo-yo dieting, which is detrimental to health. They should not be undertaken more than three times a year without medical supervision.

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The major risks to health from detoxification diets include metabolic crises in patients with undiagnosed diabetes; flare-ups or worsening of stomach ulcers; dizziness or fainting due to sudden lowering of blood pressure; diarrhea that may result in dehydration and an imbalance of electrolytes in the body; and protein or calcium deficiencies from unsupervised long-term juice fasts. Some people develop dental erosion from raw-food detoxification diets. Other side effects reported include headaches often caused by sudden withdrawal from caffeine , fatigue, constipation from extra fiber combined with inadequate water intake , acne, irritability, dysmenorrhea painful periods in women, and intense hunger.

Probably one of the best handbooks on juice fasting out there. Written in very readable and encouraging style it requires all you need to know about the subject.

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Don't expect hard academic theory though, this is a practical book meant for real-life application. Scientific explanations are to be found elsewhere. Apr 11, Jessica rated it liked it Shelves: This isn't really a recipe book so don't buy it I'd that's what your looking for. Never mind. Don't tell me but if that sounds interesting to you, get this book. Aug 10, Merredith rated it it was ok Shelves: 1-orstars , food-health-nutrition. I read this in prep for my juice detox. He talks about a LOT more serious detoxes and fasts. Some you only drink water!

It was a quick read, a little interesting, but also a little eating disorderish. I don't think this is probably the best book out there for this kinda stuff. Nov 02, Anna rated it really liked it. I love food, but I learned how i mis-use food to feel better or feed my conditioned responses. Feb 12, Carl rated it it was ok Recommends it for: health nuts.

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Not all that informative. Most of it you already know. I was connned into buying it by the guy at the health food store I went to.

Jan 03, Osama Aghbar rated it it was ok. May 26, Megan rated it it was ok. Good overall information about the health benefits of juice fasting. I was disappointed that there really wasn't a set plan to follow. Overall good information. Wish it had a few more recipes though. Apr 04, Margarita rated it really liked it Shelves: health-and-cleansing. Very helpful and well organized guide on how to start cleansing with juices. Dec 26, Ayodele added it. Mar 03, Dan Wool rated it really liked it.

A very clearly written step-by-step guide. Oct 01, Melani rated it liked it. This is a great introduction to fasting, not just juice-only fasts. I am a water-only faster, and this book was very helpful. Jan 08, Monica rated it it was amazing.

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I absolutely recommend this to anyone who wishes to try fasting to reset their bodies. It worked wonders for my faulty digestive system. Mario rated it it was amazing Jul 21, Reagan rated it really liked it Oct 19, Karen rated it liked it May 11, Daniel Forsyth rated it it was amazing May 15, Abel Abel rated it liked it May 11, Leanne rated it liked it Sep 30, Silvia rated it it was ok Aug 07, Msrobot0 rated it really liked it Jan 13, Michelle rated it really liked it Jan 27, Exfoliating in firm circles, both large and small, all over the body opens and cleans the pores, energises and revitalises the skin and makes elimination unobstructed.

We recommend that you exfoliate the skin gently every three days, you may choose to bring your own exfoliating cream with you, choose to create a natural blend using honey, salt and coconut oil or visit the Atsumi spa for a full body scrub. Magnesium is an essential requirement for nearly all our cellular activity, taking a bath in Epsom Salts will draw toxins from the body speeding up the elimination process while soothing aching joints and muscles.

It is an extremely relaxing, calming and warming experience which can be arranged upon request at the spa. Steam Inhalation is an excellent remedy for any respiratory problems, particularly chest congestion, bronchitis, and sinusitis. It promotes sweating which is a natural method of purification that enables the body to eliminate salt, drugs and a variety of toxins. The Atsumi Herbal steam boasts a soothing aroma of eucalyptus and lemon grass and runs 6 days on a row. Massage is particularly effective in easing tensions and knotted tissue, increasing the circulation of the Blood, and stimulating the Lymphatic system, one of the most important routes for ridding the body of toxins.

This is a great way to enhance the detox programme.