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Download recordings After the recording is complete, you can download it and use it in any way you want. Record your voice using an App Looking for a voice recording app instead? Easy Voice Recorder Android - this app provides an easy way to record audio with your phone. You open the app, hit the mic button, record, share as needed, and then close the app. It also has a few additional features, like the ability to change what kind of file type you record to. The app records MP3 and you can upload your audio automatically to Dropbox once the recording has finished. The app also lets you choose which mic on your device to use, support for Wi-Fi transfer, gain control, and more.

Transcribe recordings in the app using speech-to-text technology, add notes to recordings and cloud support where you can save your audio recordings to. People born with tails. Very very creepy Yes and often. Just today I asked a friend visiting who had heartburn if they wanted a Prilosec which I have never taken but I had some someone had left at my home.

We talked about Prilosec for maybe thirty seconds. Then a half hour a Prilosec ad appears. This is not the first or second time this type of thing has happened and every occasion has been very specific. I even turned off my personalized ads in google settings but there are many more user relevant ad providing companies than google now. Shit is getting real. Time for that block chain based decentralized browser.

I've had this creepy experience with Pedialite, Betterment, Nespresso, Electric toothbrushes, MacBook docking station I don't even have a mac but mentioned it one in a phone call - next time I checked instagram there it was. In all of these cases, these items were never typed or searched - only mentioned in conversation both during and not during phone calls.

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Yes it happened to me today November 2 I was having a conversation about Christmas gift and possibly a set of sockets my friend replies and I start talking about sears craftsman and all of sears troubles financially and was it worth it to by craftsman tools these days. Not cool! Sorry a bit personal. My local nurse rang me to schedule a smear test and the first advert i got was wish offering a speculum. Seriously who gets offered a speculum? No way is that coincidence. And ewww! My phone has been doing weird things that I can't explain. Today, I noticed my screen came on but I didn't touch it.

That is when I looked it up. At least I know I'm not imagining this. That's no cool to just ease drop. I'm not a criminal and this is wrong. I have had many occasions when my phone conversations have resulted in a Facebook related ad. The one's I recall are - a discussion about not holding my pen properly and an ad popped up some time after with a gadget to place on your pen to hold it better.

Another about toothpaste could be a coincidence and then another about my friends dog leaving fur everywhere in the house and that evening an ad popped up selling a 'fur remover'! I've been noticing this for the past few months. It even just happened on this page. I was talking about working at Duke after I graduated a few times with my friends during clinical and sure enough while scrolling through this article there's a Duke nursing job listing advertisement.

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This big brother type shit needs to stop. My friend and I were in a cow pasture. He does not own a smartphone. Mine was in my pocket. My friend has done a lot of welding and I was asking him if he would be willing to perform a weld on a piece of patio furniture.

Is your Amazon Alexa spying on you?

I commented that I would like to learn the skill. When I got home I pulled out my phone to google something and the pages I visited had google ads for welding equipment. I've never searched for welding equipment or had a conversation about welding before that day in the cow pasture. This is only one example. I've noticed this phenomenon several times over the last couple of years.

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  5. Noon at work, went out for lunch with a colleague. He carries his Android phone with him, I left at my desk -- and that's an important point. As we walk through the neighborhood, we make casual conversation about buying versus renting a house. I have no interest in the real estate market: I plan to stay in this city just for a few years, then move on.

    I rent the place where I live, I have been there for one year now, and I never looked into alternatives.

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    Later on I check my facebook: guess what? How do you explain that. I get YouTube recommendations seemingly based on conversations I have at work or with my roommate on a regular basis. I've been noticing this for a long time but though it was just me, only last night i had a random conversation about ISO containers and bingo, 10 mins later there are adverts for ISO shipping containers popping up on facebook. This just one of many examples of this happening to me, there's definitely something more to this and not I've come across this article I'll be taking more notice of connected conversation and adverts on my phone.

    THIS was weird. I did a normal Google search about dumb democrats, then told my father about what I found in the results. I was at the grocery store talking about the benefits of tumeric to the check out girl. This morning an ad on Facebook touting the benefits of Tumeric was on my phone. Yesterday my husband and I drove through a Ford dealership briefly looking at F trucks. We never talked to a salesman, just briefly drove up the F aisle on our way to dinner.

    We are creeped out. Was talking to my mom about wooden elevated dog bowl feeders last night.

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    This morning there was in ad on Facebook directing me to Overstock. That was so specific that I'm totally creeped out now! Found this article after searching for this because it happened to me too. Watched random comedy show on my desktop, with my iPhone nearby, and in one episode they made like a dozen geology-related jokes, they said the word "geology" at least a couple of times.

    Then I go on Facebook and see "Geology Page" being suggested for me. I have zero interest in geology and never searched or talked about anything related to that on the internet. Me and my husband were on a road trip an stopped to get gas. We walk inside to use the restroom and get some coffee, and I weirdly decide to look for candy I never crave candy but I'm pregnant and I was looking for sour patch kids.

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    They didn't have them. I remember asking my husband out loud if he had seen them. I did not have my phone on me, I had left it in the car. When we go back on the road I remember having a about how strange that I was craving something so unusual and that the store didn't have it.